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Royal Trucks

Royal Trucks - New Geometry 'Alvarez Chunk' (Standard)

Royal Trucks - New Geometry 'Alvarez Chunk' (Standard)

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Royal Trucks has updated their designs and sizes of their trucks, so now they are the same sizes as the Independent.

  • Griffin Gass Pro model, with "gg" print and white bushings
  • They are 25 grams lighter than the old Royal trucks, so still a few of the light trucks you find without them are with hollow kingpin and axel.
  • "Rapid Forced" so they are 30% stronger than before.
  • New geometry so you have better response and pop
  • Newly designed kingpin so you get royal best clearance

Size "139" fits 7.9 - 8.25 decks

Size "144" fits 8.125 - 8,375 decks

Size "149" fits 8.375 - 8.6 decks

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